Saturday, January 07, 2006

I beg your pardon!?

Since Steve L-W has stopped recording quotes that he didn't witness personally, I have chosed to take up the baton...

Andrew Waugh: We're trying to calculate the muzzle-velocity of a potato.

Dad: (holding up a coat) Is this anyone's or is it someone else's?

Tim C: Argh! I'm a 12-year-old girl!

Chris: Ros has been eating tablecloths again.
Ryoko: Is she still very ill?

Tim C: I was just trying to de-cheese my knee.

Patrick: True love is good, I suppose.

Tim C: There are elements of megalomania within the CU exec.

Tim C
: Ooh, an organic nightdress. Woot!

Sal: Where's the bin? Oh, it's on the toilet. Of course.

Sal: Where's Ceryn actually gone?
Tim C: The library to print out, oh, naked people!

Tim C: I'm not a good Fran.

Oh, and one of my personal favourites, from Freshers Week 2004...

Nick: I'm a vegan.
Sal: Oh, you might get on well with Fish then.
Nick: You what!?


Welshie said...

ha! Love that last one!

Well I even had to use my dictionary for some of them words....they're not in there!

Got some more quotes on my blog as well.

And can I just clarify, for the record, I was NOT printing out naked people...!

Martin said...

That fish quote is quite possibly one of my favourite quotes in the world, I've repeated it so many times to people, and I wasn't even there. (Perhaps this says a little about the absence of such wonderful quotes in my own life. Oh well.)