Sunday, July 24, 2005

Two Very Different Wars

I've been largely thinking about only two things for the past day or so and felt I ought to share these. This post will probably slightly less light-hearted than previous posts have been.

Firstly, last night I went to see 'War of the Worlds'. I cannot say I enjoyed it. At least, I enjoyed small parts of it. I was slightly concerned before I went into that I would find it overly unpleasant and uncomfortable. However, I was under the impression that it would be ok, as it is a 12A - had it been a 15, I would have been much less likely to have gone in. This method, however, did me no good. Of course I expected it to be a thriller (UCI said it "Contains sustained menace, threat and moderate horror"). However, I did not expect it to be of the level that it was. I will not go into details, so as not to spoil it for those who do wish to see it (although I will if people would like me to). Around half way through I felt sick and extremely uncomfortable. Had it not been that James was there and enjoying it, and that I felt I needed to see the end to 'recover', I would have left.
Now, don't get me wrong, I am not objecting to the film. Not at all. It was well made, faithful to the original and Dakota Fanning ('Rachel') was fantastic! However, I am appalled by the certificate it has been given. By the new certification rules, any child over the age of 5 can see this film as long as they are accompanied by a 'responsible' adult. I am 21 and I found this film horrendous in places. IMHO, it should have been a cert.15.
Ok. Rant over.

My second topic is to do with the events in London over the past two weeks. I live near London, I am on a 20minute direct trainline to King's Cross, I crossed London by train (for Ros' wedding) on the first weekend between the events... and I am not scared. I am not worried, I am not particularly bothered by it at all. I don't know why not. Perhaps I am totally mad. St.Albans has been bombed in the past (in 1991, by the IRA). I have regularly used trains and tube, especially in the last couple of years, as it is the easiest way for me to travel from Reading to St.Albans.
These attacks have made little to no difference to the way I behave, the way I travel, the way I behave, anything. I am not more wary, I am not nervous around Muslims (I have met a number of people who are - and argued with them about it accordingly). Am I crazy? Am I abnormal? Or are there others out there who feel the same? Everyone I have spoken to have said things like "Are you sure should be using the tube?" or "All this stuff on the news is really scarey, isn't it?". And always, my answers are 'yes' and 'no' respectively. Am I the only one?

Friday, July 22, 2005

Swimming and Pottering

Wednesday and yesterday I spent the afternoon looking after 2 kids - same two as the other day. The oldest was on a Christian holiday camp, so I just had the littler two - Dan (9) and Tasha (6). On Wednesday I took them swimming. I was planning on just watching but apparently they are not allowed in the pool without direct supervision under the age of 8. Therefore I had to get hold of my swimming stuff from home (luckily my mum had come home from work early) and join them in the pool. Oh well, it was quite a lot of fun, actually. We also fed the ducks and had icecreams.
Thursday we watched Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets, and also went to the park. Not a bad way to earn some money, even if they were being infuriating on Thursday. I think they were a bit shy before, but they've got used to me now - and hence have started being cheeky and exasperating!

Oh well, James & I are getting there with the Half-Blood Prince too - I think we're about half way through. It's starting to get interesting now. :o) He's making progress with his new Space Marine squads/army. 1000pts so far.

Right, tonight Dad's doing curry for dinner and James is staying over because Sam and Rosie are coming here at 4:30am to drop off his car at mine, before catching a train to Luton to catch a plane to Sweden, and James has offered to give them a lift to the station. It made sense when Sam rang last night, anyway! :o)

Not sre of plans for the weekend yet.

God Bless!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Rites of passage

Had a mixture of eventful and uneventful days over the past week.

Last Thursday was James' graduation. The day went amazingly smoothly and his parents did manage to get there (was looking touch-and-go). A good time was had by all, and I think we bought nearly all of the graduation merchandise stuff possible!

Saturday was Ros' wedding. Took me slightly longer to get there than I had anticipated, so I got to the church only 5 minutes before it started. Ros looked amazing and the service was good (apart from the slight scariness of the address). I wasn't invited to the reception, so me and several others went to a pub up the road to drink to the happy couple before heading home. I then headed to Clapham Junction station with Chris. To cut a long and fairly boring story short... owing to a trackside at Cricklewood, the Thameslink line was closed indefinitely north of City Thameslink, so I had to go to Watford and then catch the Abbey flier. This was made all the more entertaining by the fact that I had to be in Rushden for 8:30pm to surprise my dad. He'd spent the afternoon driving a Caterham 7 at Silverstone and then my uncle had arranged a meal for several of us in Rushden afterwards. My dad had assumed that because I was going to the wedding I wouldn't be there and we didn't bother to correct him. :o) So, I finally got to St Albans at 19:02, where James picked me up and headed to Rushden (having persuaded the Sat.Nav. that Rushden was not where it said it was!). Made it at 8:25 and a highly enjoyable evening was had by all. We headed back to St.Albans and got back just after midnight. James stayed over in our spare room, as his sister's boyfriend, Dom, was staying in his room. We read the first chapter of Harry Potter and then went to bed.

Sunday we both went to my church (Hatfield Road Methodist Church, St.Albans) and then went back to his house for a barbecue and for me to meet Dom. He's at Warwick with Hannah. He seemed nice enough. After dinner, they had a huge waterfight, but I've never been a fan of getting wet, so I stayed inside and tackled a super-sudoku instead. Spent the afternoon reading Harry Potter (or Happy Routes, as my phone calls it) and then walked home when James went to meet a couple of his colleagues who had agreed to go to the evening service with him at his church.

The last couple of days have been wholly less exciting. I'm off to James' for dinner tonight, so I ought to get my stuff together, as he's picking me up shortly.

God bless!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Children & Chips

Spent most of today looking after 3 kids. I played charades, hide'n'seek, made fruit juice lollies, went to the park, went to the shop to buy icecream, watched a little CBBC and supervised the paddling pool. What an afternoon! Got a little closer to paying for what I bought on Saturday, anyway. :o)

Was planning on going to James' for dinner, but he ended up working til 10pm, so that wasn't to be. So I had fish'n'chips for dinner and then spent the evening doing nothing much.

No plans for tomorrow...

Monday, July 11, 2005

What a week!

Wow, just thinking over the last week, I've realised quite how eventful it has been! Last Saturday was Live8 and I moved out of Reading and the wonderful 65 Donnington Gdns. Monday I got my percentage results.
Wednesday was the Olympic bid success.
Thursday was the London bombing - not really sure what to say about that one. All the people I know who commute through King's X are all ok, which is a relief.
Friday was graduation - a slightly stressful/hectic day in some respects, but was enjoyed by all as far as I am aware. I will post some pictures here just as soon as I figure out how! :o)
Saturday went into town for some things and spent far too much money. I'd not been into town for no real reason by myself in ages and my finances suffered for it.
Sunday, my Nan & uncle came up for the afternoon for my Dad's 50th... and today is my Dad's 50th birthday. He has significantly increased his CD (& DVD) collection and gained several bottles of nice red wine... he might need some help with that - I hope. :->
Spent today reccying a place for a church away weekend in 2008. The place was lovely -Hothorpe Hall in Northamptonshire

So, all in all, an eventful start to the holidays! Tomorrow, I'm childminding 3 children (aged 11, 9 & 6) for the afternoon and then Thursday is James' graduation. Phew!

Pictures and Prayers

Firstly, due to popular demand, I have changed my photo to suit recent events.

Secondly, I simply wanted to share a part of a prayer from this morning's service.

"We thank you, Father, for sending Jesus to show us you love us.
For his companionship, death and resurrection we give thanks." Rev Michael Giles

Any thoughts?

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

All Change...

I seem to have had an accidental post-Uni revamp. I've ordered some new glasses (my contact lens prescription got changed too), got a new hair cut and bought some new shoes.

My hair is now chin length(!), much as it was when I started Uni, but it got cut very little on a student budget - wanted it short for graduation though, so I didn't need it tied back. I like it, although they seem to have used conditioner that smells of soy sauce! Also, having worn the same pair of blue suede shoes for almost a year (yes, I've heard the jokes before!) I thought I ought to get some new ones and also needed some for Friday (graduation). I now have some red canvas shoes and some beige suede shoes.

Was at the pub quiz tonight with my parents , as James was working til 8. We came 3rd - prizes only available for 1st and 2nd - grr. The only question I got uniquely was to identify a series of names as being from 'The Tweenies'. :#) [Jake, Bella, Milo, Fizz]

No plans for tomorrow - may well go to see Bugsy Malone at my old school. Should be a lot of fun. Was in it myself, when they did it last time - I was in Year 9, I think.

God bless,

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Blue Skies & Smooth Trails...

It's come to the time of year that means many 'goodbyes' for anyone involved in education. Tomorrow, I move out of this house and am forced to part ways with several people I care about very much. I just want to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed being at Reading. I have made many, many true and wonderful friends here. You guys have made me feel special and so cared about, and I hope and pray that I have achieved the same in return. I hope to see people soon - at Ros & Dave's wedding, if nothing else, for many of you!

I'm sorry this is rather melancholy - I've feeling a little bewildered by everything - it hit about an hour ago that this really is it. And I have done no packing yet. Guess I ought to be up early tomorrow... better get some shut-eye. God bless!