Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Children & Chips

Spent most of today looking after 3 kids. I played charades, hide'n'seek, made fruit juice lollies, went to the park, went to the shop to buy icecream, watched a little CBBC and supervised the paddling pool. What an afternoon! Got a little closer to paying for what I bought on Saturday, anyway. :o)

Was planning on going to James' for dinner, but he ended up working til 10pm, so that wasn't to be. So I had fish'n'chips for dinner and then spent the evening doing nothing much.

No plans for tomorrow...


Martin said...

I wondered where you were going with that title.

Martin said...

By the way,

Take care of my hairbrush. Take care, oh my hairbrush. Take
care, take care, don't dare not care. Take care. Nice hair. No fair.Take care, take care ... of my hairbrush.