Monday, July 11, 2005

What a week!

Wow, just thinking over the last week, I've realised quite how eventful it has been! Last Saturday was Live8 and I moved out of Reading and the wonderful 65 Donnington Gdns. Monday I got my percentage results.
Wednesday was the Olympic bid success.
Thursday was the London bombing - not really sure what to say about that one. All the people I know who commute through King's X are all ok, which is a relief.
Friday was graduation - a slightly stressful/hectic day in some respects, but was enjoyed by all as far as I am aware. I will post some pictures here just as soon as I figure out how! :o)
Saturday went into town for some things and spent far too much money. I'd not been into town for no real reason by myself in ages and my finances suffered for it.
Sunday, my Nan & uncle came up for the afternoon for my Dad's 50th... and today is my Dad's 50th birthday. He has significantly increased his CD (& DVD) collection and gained several bottles of nice red wine... he might need some help with that - I hope. :->
Spent today reccying a place for a church away weekend in 2008. The place was lovely -Hothorpe Hall in Northamptonshire

So, all in all, an eventful start to the holidays! Tomorrow, I'm childminding 3 children (aged 11, 9 & 6) for the afternoon and then Thursday is James' graduation. Phew!


thebluefish said...

Hothorpe is immense... the food... oh the food...

hatchris said...

hmmm.....sounds like Id better join the church then :-p

Sally said...

Well, I doubt I'll be going there regularly when they go, but I still plan on tagging along. :-)