Wednesday, July 06, 2005

All Change...

I seem to have had an accidental post-Uni revamp. I've ordered some new glasses (my contact lens prescription got changed too), got a new hair cut and bought some new shoes.

My hair is now chin length(!), much as it was when I started Uni, but it got cut very little on a student budget - wanted it short for graduation though, so I didn't need it tied back. I like it, although they seem to have used conditioner that smells of soy sauce! Also, having worn the same pair of blue suede shoes for almost a year (yes, I've heard the jokes before!) I thought I ought to get some new ones and also needed some for Friday (graduation). I now have some red canvas shoes and some beige suede shoes.

Was at the pub quiz tonight with my parents , as James was working til 8. We came 3rd - prizes only available for 1st and 2nd - grr. The only question I got uniquely was to identify a series of names as being from 'The Tweenies'. :#) [Jake, Bella, Milo, Fizz]

No plans for tomorrow - may well go to see Bugsy Malone at my old school. Should be a lot of fun. Was in it myself, when they did it last time - I was in Year 9, I think.

God bless,


thebluefish said...

this demands a photo methinks.

hatchris said...

Well there should be some from graduation...which we can request are posted on here!
We got some housephotos on the steps at London Road on Friday, me and Sal in graduation robes and Sam and Steve, having graduated the day before looking suitably less smart and more studenty!

Sally said...

How do I post a photo? :#)

Timmy C said...

aaah most groovesome. good to see you in the wonderful land of blog sal :D

Tim :)

postliberal said...

aha, I found your site at last...after a wee delay. Good to see you're a member of the web word of extreme public self-indulgence!

Sally said...

There ya go, photo changed accordingly. Only picked up the new glasses yesterday, so don't have any pictures of them yet - although I am wearing them at the moment. :o)