Monday, July 11, 2005

Pictures and Prayers

Firstly, due to popular demand, I have changed my photo to suit recent events.

Secondly, I simply wanted to share a part of a prayer from this morning's service.

"We thank you, Father, for sending Jesus to show us you love us.
For his companionship, death and resurrection we give thanks." Rev Michael Giles

Any thoughts?


hatchris said...

Not normally.....nothing wrong with the prayer, technically :-p
Of course, you then want to explain WHY we give thanks for his death! (Otherwise, its a pretty odd thing to give thanks for, in a way)

postliberal said...

I suppose it's entirely possible some see that line as a morbid death-wish upon some unfortunate person! Typically, statements of faith need to be lived in faith communities to be able to communicate the nuances and meanings that're invested in them...