Friday, July 22, 2005

Swimming and Pottering

Wednesday and yesterday I spent the afternoon looking after 2 kids - same two as the other day. The oldest was on a Christian holiday camp, so I just had the littler two - Dan (9) and Tasha (6). On Wednesday I took them swimming. I was planning on just watching but apparently they are not allowed in the pool without direct supervision under the age of 8. Therefore I had to get hold of my swimming stuff from home (luckily my mum had come home from work early) and join them in the pool. Oh well, it was quite a lot of fun, actually. We also fed the ducks and had icecreams.
Thursday we watched Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets, and also went to the park. Not a bad way to earn some money, even if they were being infuriating on Thursday. I think they were a bit shy before, but they've got used to me now - and hence have started being cheeky and exasperating!

Oh well, James & I are getting there with the Half-Blood Prince too - I think we're about half way through. It's starting to get interesting now. :o) He's making progress with his new Space Marine squads/army. 1000pts so far.

Right, tonight Dad's doing curry for dinner and James is staying over because Sam and Rosie are coming here at 4:30am to drop off his car at mine, before catching a train to Luton to catch a plane to Sweden, and James has offered to give them a lift to the station. It made sense when Sam rang last night, anyway! :o)

Not sre of plans for the weekend yet.

God Bless!


hatchris said...

4:30am??!! :-o
Keep going with the book, it gets even more interesting eventually. The last one should be excellent.
I kind of see why Sams plan makes sense! Kind of. Its probably cheaper than leaving his car at the airport anyway, although millions do it every day!

Steve LW said...

Just think, if each one of them pays just £1 you'd have.... *starts counting on fingures* ...allot of money.

Sally said...

He said something about it being £36 to leave his car in Luton for a week. I would guess that leaving anything unattended for a week in Luton is a bad idea anyway!

And steve... no money, but they did give us chocolate. :o)