Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Rites of passage

Had a mixture of eventful and uneventful days over the past week.

Last Thursday was James' graduation. The day went amazingly smoothly and his parents did manage to get there (was looking touch-and-go). A good time was had by all, and I think we bought nearly all of the graduation merchandise stuff possible!

Saturday was Ros' wedding. Took me slightly longer to get there than I had anticipated, so I got to the church only 5 minutes before it started. Ros looked amazing and the service was good (apart from the slight scariness of the address). I wasn't invited to the reception, so me and several others went to a pub up the road to drink to the happy couple before heading home. I then headed to Clapham Junction station with Chris. To cut a long and fairly boring story short... owing to a trackside at Cricklewood, the Thameslink line was closed indefinitely north of City Thameslink, so I had to go to Watford and then catch the Abbey flier. This was made all the more entertaining by the fact that I had to be in Rushden for 8:30pm to surprise my dad. He'd spent the afternoon driving a Caterham 7 at Silverstone and then my uncle had arranged a meal for several of us in Rushden afterwards. My dad had assumed that because I was going to the wedding I wouldn't be there and we didn't bother to correct him. :o) So, I finally got to St Albans at 19:02, where James picked me up and headed to Rushden (having persuaded the Sat.Nav. that Rushden was not where it said it was!). Made it at 8:25 and a highly enjoyable evening was had by all. We headed back to St.Albans and got back just after midnight. James stayed over in our spare room, as his sister's boyfriend, Dom, was staying in his room. We read the first chapter of Harry Potter and then went to bed.

Sunday we both went to my church (Hatfield Road Methodist Church, St.Albans) and then went back to his house for a barbecue and for me to meet Dom. He's at Warwick with Hannah. He seemed nice enough. After dinner, they had a huge waterfight, but I've never been a fan of getting wet, so I stayed inside and tackled a super-sudoku instead. Spent the afternoon reading Harry Potter (or Happy Routes, as my phone calls it) and then walked home when James went to meet a couple of his colleagues who had agreed to go to the evening service with him at his church.

The last couple of days have been wholly less exciting. I'm off to James' for dinner tonight, so I ought to get my stuff together, as he's picking me up shortly.

God bless!


hatchris said...

Is 'happy routes' some kind of electronic drug for sat-nav devices that James' took causing it to mis-locate Rushden?
Glad you made it and had fun.

Steve LW said...

lol @ hatchris

In any "machines take over the world" apocalyptic future Sat Nav's will kill millions of us. "Take...next left...into...river." :)

Timmy C said...

Not to mention Satnavs bankrupting us. "Input.....bank....details...to...carry...on"

Hope U go on to complete many more su-doku's. Ur an inspiration! They still baffle me :s

Tim :)

Sally said...

Finally finished that Super-sudoku after 36 hours (not non-stop!). I then tackled all of the 3-star normal sudoku from the booklet that was in the Independent last weekend. I managed all 4 in around an hour and a half! :-)

So what if I got 17% in one of my maths modules! :-,

Steve LW said...

What is a super su-doku? Is it one of those 3D cube ones?

Sally said...

Nope,tis a hexidecimal sudoku.

4x4 boxes, arranged 4x4. (the usual one is 3x3). To solve, use numbers 0-9 & letters A-F in the same way as a normal one. There is one every week in the Independent on Saturday. :-)

Martin said...

Have you done one of them Samurai ones? Really easy, but time consuming

hatchris said...

I did a samurai one - it took me a couple of hours I think, mostly because I got stuck on the bottom right grid having completed the rest. I keep getting stumped by the Fiendish ones in the Times, its getting irritating! Another one unfinished today :-(
My powers of logic grow weak!
(Su-Doku, the Rubix cube of the naughties)