Saturday, March 31, 2007

Train to the King's Cross

Here is the story of the end of term and my trip home for Easter:

On the last day of term (Friday), I handed in my essay on behaviour management. As of Thursday morning, I had written about 1,200 words. By 4am on Friday, I had written 4,100. However, there were birdies singing when I went to bed!

That weekend, Michael came to visit. Sunday afternoon, we headed back to Michael's in York to begin my journey home for Easter.

Monday was Michael's 23rd birthday. However, he wasn't very well, so it was sort of postponed until Tuesday.
So, on Tuesday, we went to see Amazing Grace and really enjoyed it. We then went home and had steak, saute potatoes and roast butternut squash for dinner, before heading out to meet a friend of his from Macc at the pub. A good time was had by all.

On Wednesday afternoon, I headed to the station to go home to St.Albans. I caught the train to King's Cross (although I was getting off at Stevenage), sitting opposite a middle-aged man with a very nice Dell mini-laptop.
We got talking. He asked me where I was going, and told me that he was a barrister and was on his way back from Middlesbrough, having won a court adjournment because his witnesses couldn't agree on their story.
At this point, I was doing number/word puzzles based on the DaVinci Code. (the relevance of this will become clear).
At one point, he asked me if I was going on holiday this year. I said that I was going to the Greenbelt festival. He'd never heard of it and it took a little bit of time to establish that 'Christian Arts' was not a person ("Christian as in the faith, not the name").
He told me he used to go to church when he was younger, but hadn't been in a long time. I suggested that he go for Easter and (to my surprise) he agreed that that was a good idea!

He then noticed the DaVinci Code puzzles, and asked me what I thought of the book. I confessed I'd not read it but that I'd like to. He told me I should. Having established that I was a Christian, he asked me why I thought that the Catholic church/the Vatican/Opus Dei had put so much effort into countering the DaVinci Code. I said I thought it was because the issue was very important and that the church believed that they had the truth and that potentially people's souls were at stake.
The conversation rapidly progressed on to why I believed what I do, what evidence there is for any of it (made slightly complicated by the fact that he wouldn't accept the Bible as evidence), what 'truth' is, and a whole bunch of other questions. I focussed on the resurrection, and did my best, but I was tired and only had an hour. Plus, he was a lawyer!! Anyway, in the end, I gave him my email address. On 1st May (approx one month from the conversation) he will re-ask his question on what evidence there is for Christianity and why I believe it, and he wants a reply.

And then Dad picked me up at Stevenage station and drove me home.
Not much has happened since.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Brief Encounter

I have several posts planned, but I only have very limited 'net access.

I'm back in St.Albans now.

Will post in more detail soon, possibly including:

  • Finishing that essay

  • The Northern Lights trilogy that I just finished reading

  • The guy on the train yesterday that I ended up discussing Christianity with for over an hour

Also, I haven't forgotten about the Nick Baines post I promised long ago. To date, the time has not shown itself...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Stitch and time...

Just a quick check in regarding the world of me...

I am in the process of writing a 4,000 word essay. It currently stands at 1,519 words, but it's starting to flow, so that's good.
Title is:
“A teacher or practitioner will be a more effective manager of children’s behaviour if s/he demonstrates and promotes positive values, attitudes and behaviour underpinned by theories”
Discuss with regard to observations & experiences from teaching practice as well as theories/literature.

Not the most inspiring topic ever, but it's getting there.

Oh, it's due in at 3pm tomorrow! :oS

In other news, I had a mole removed from my arm this afternoon, so I now have 2 stitches and a rather large plaster on my arm. It's quite sore/tender, but not too bad really. I've never had stitches before. :o)

Also, I'm planning on being in Reading on Wednesday 4th April (just under 2 weeks away) with Michael, Chris & Rebecca... so if anyone fancies meeting up for a Shakeaway & a trip to the Chappy, drop me a comment/email and we'll see what we can arrange.

Better get on... this essay won't write itself, more's the pity!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Biscit out of contact

Quick message, whilst attempting to write this wretched essay...

For those of you who still have my biscit email account on record... Biscit has gone bust so that address is now defunct.

My email address is now sally [dot] bridgstock [at] googlemail [dot] com.


Monday, March 05, 2007

Geeks of the World Unite!

I've given in to my geek urges.

I've bought MS FrontPage, which is software to write HTML and make webpages. So, at some point, when I have some spare time (ROFL!) I will be creating a Brooms of Destruction webpage. I've started it, but it'll take a bit of time to get it sorted. If there's anything you think should go on it, let me know via email or by comments box.

Also, my blogroll is working again, so the updated blogs jump to the top. :o)

Ok, geekiness can be suppressed again.