Monday, March 05, 2007

Geeks of the World Unite!

I've given in to my geek urges.

I've bought MS FrontPage, which is software to write HTML and make webpages. So, at some point, when I have some spare time (ROFL!) I will be creating a Brooms of Destruction webpage. I've started it, but it'll take a bit of time to get it sorted. If there's anything you think should go on it, let me know via email or by comments box.

Also, my blogroll is working again, so the updated blogs jump to the top. :o)

Ok, geekiness can be suppressed again.

1 comment:

hatchris said...

Lyrics! (remind me to get them all sorted out for you if you can't hear any of the worlds)
More frequently updated quotes than Steve!
Links to all Brooms blogs!
News page!

etc :-)

oh, and more tricky things that would be good, would be a forum, and also audio clips, maybe even whole tracks for download, I don't know how easy that is without outsourcing to a Myspace page or something?

PS I'm happy to help fund a domain.