Sunday, January 28, 2007

Where am I now?

Taking time out from writing lesson plans and evaluations to update you on what's been happening in the past month or so!

Christmas day we went to church in the morning, Nan & Uncle Brian came to ours for lunch and then we all went over to Auntie Sue's for tea and silly games.

Over New Year, Michael & I went up to the Lake District for a few days, visiting Bowness, Windermere & Grasmere. New Year's Eve went joined Michael's parents & some of their friends from Uni, at a hostel (apparently completely in the middle of nowhere!) and then spent a reasonable amount of New Year's Day walking/climbing up to Red Tarn (part way up Helvellyn) ... in the hail, which was just lovely.
January 2nd, we explored Grasmere, visiting Dove Cottage which was the home of William Wordsworth and his family for a significant amount of his life. We also found the 'Jumble Room', which was just wonderful, so if you're ever in Grasmere, do check it out.
I then went home and spent a couple of lovely days attempting to work.

Since then, I've come back to Scarborough, written an essay, moved to Hull, written countless session plans (ok, about 13), taught those sessions, ... etc.

Anyway, I'm being picked up in half an hour to go back to Hull, so I'd better get myself packed, etc.
(I'll be out of contact online for 2 weeks... will check emails when I can).

Thursday, January 18, 2007

From Hull...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year & all that jazz!

Sorry for the break in transmission. I will update on Christmas & New Year escapades at some point, but for the time being... I'm in Hull for the time being on teaching placement, and will have very limited computer time. Indeed, I'm writing this from the class computer...
I got my Child Study assignment (4,000 words on the value and purpose of observing children in class) handed in on time, although it did involve working until 4:30am the night before it was due in (which was last Friday). I then moved temporarily to Hull on Sunday and started placement on Monday. ie. I'm knackered!

Anyhoo, I'd better go. :o)

God bless!