Thursday, April 19, 2007

Check this out...?

Life has generally been ok for the past few weeks. I had a good break over Easter, including a day in Reading including visiting the Chaplaincy (of course), followed by a couple of days when Michael, Chris & Rebecca came to visit St.Albans and 'did' a City Tour that I got from the Tourist Information office for free. It was really good, incorporating St.Peter's church, the Clock Tower, the Abbey, Verulamium Park, the Watermill, Fishpool Street and then back into the centre. The weather was perfect for us. After the tour, we then came back home and had tea & cake in the new garden room, which was very fun and really rather twee too. They also came to both the Maundy Thursday Communion and also the Good Friday Reflection, which was lovely too.

Since then, I've not done a whole lot of anything remarkable. Went for a curry at the Spice Hut with Mum, Dad & Tim last Thursday and had my first ever biriani.
Came back to Scarborough on the train last weekend. It was busy, but quite an easy run.

This week's been ok. I've been in lectures everyday. Some of them have been interesting and a few have been useful.

Next week, I go into my next placement school for visits (Hilderthorpe Infants, Bridlington). Until Tuesday, I was under the impression that I would have a Year 1 class (age 5-6yrs), but on phoning the school the three of us who are going to that school discovered that we actually have mixed Year 1/2 classes (ie. age 5-7yrs in each class)! Not that it really makes much of a difference, but it would have been nice to know. I have 'Pink' class (all the classes are named as colours).

This weekend, Chris & Michael are coming to visit. Chris is staying with Michael tonight, and then they're both heading over here tomorrow night. We're going to Whitby on Saturday, including a Kate Rusby concert, which I'm really quite looking forward to. :o)
As part of this, though, I decided I really ought to get some food in to feed them, so after lectures, I walked down to Tesco (a mile or two). I did lots of shopping, buying packed lunch things for next week, as well as dinner for tomorrow night. I decidd to treat the guys and selected a bottle of Thatcher's Katy, plus a bottle of local ale (forgot the name). When I got to the till, however, the woman asked for ID. Well, I don't have any. She wouldn't believe me (citing 'company policy'). So, no ale/cider for me. That might be a good thing in some ways thought, because I then realised quite home much I'd bought. I had my backpack, but it still had in it everything from college, so I put a few things in there, but also 4 carrier bags. Which I had to get to the bus stop. The bags had better ideas, and the bottom of one of the bags started to split and a bottle of squash made a solid attempt at a bit for freedom (failed). God bless the angel who walked past and offered me her carrier bag (which I declined, but only because I'd got to the bus stop). I got it all home and have been trying to do some work ever since. Getting there, but very slowly. Should get some more reading done, before I go to bed soon-ish.

Generally, life is ok though. God bless. /Out/

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