Saturday, June 02, 2007

Where did May go?

Last time I looked, it was April. May has disappeared and now it's June. Yeep!

Well, this week was half term and I've done a fair bit of work and a reasonable amount of sleeping. It's been rather nice. I've written half term plans, weekly evaluations for the past three weeks (backdated - shhh!). I've been shopping a few times. And tried to figure out where I have to be when at the end of June and throughout July. It is a complicated process, including finishing school placement, going to 4 weddings in 4 different places in the space of 5 weekends, helping out at a holiday club in Macclesfield for a week, plus perhaps finding a job and maybe even a flat. Oh, and eating/sleeping/etc, might feature in there somewhere. Maybe.

In other news, my old laptop has been gradually going senile over the past couple of months and finally got to the point where it would not reliably charge or indeed stay on, it was getting slower by the day and various other features were falling by the wayside. So, I used some of my TDA bursary and bought myself a shiny new one (Dell Inspiron 640m). After a few hiccups, it has arrived and I've just about installed everything that I need at the moment. It's very shiny and light. It's also got Windows Vista, which is proving fun now I've got used to it. Still need to get a few things (photos, music, etc) off the old one, but I'll do that when I've received the replacement for the faulty (2 month old) power cable that I've sent back, when the old laptop might stay on for more than 10 minutes. When I've done that, I will set about 'refurbishing' it so that it's in a fit state to pass on. :o)

Anyway, ought to get back to work. Lesson plans don't write themselves, ya know. Nor do formative assessment records, schemes of work, task analyses, ...

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