Thursday, March 27, 2008

Iconic Spring Clean

I've been having a bit of a spring clean round here and have cleared out my Blogroll on the right. A number of dead links have gone and the still-alive-but-barely links have been moved to the bottom of the sidebar in their own list. I have also found a rather shiny new icon for the Updated indicator (found at

Which reminds me - I had my first attempt at a bit of pixel art this week, trying to convert this:

into an icon to use as a favicon for the HRMC website.
I tried shrinking the file with FrontPage, but that produced this:

and then this:

Rather blurred and thus not so good.

So I tried this website and created this:

Which I'm quite pleased with. (Click icon for larger version).
To check how it looks in situ, go here.

Btw, I doubt there will be more updates for a week or so, as I am going away (Will tell you more when I get back...)

PS. And thanks to Michelle for bringing the Google translator to my attention - it can now be found towards the bottom of the sidebar. And apologies to her & Jim for the intermittent fault with the BitmapWorld graphic that keeps vanishing (or at least it does for me!). Can anyone else see a graphic link for it on the sidebar...?


Mirz said...

When I first read this post a few days ago, all I could thinks was "yeah, the girl is doing icon art!" LOL! Certainly something after my own heart. I really like that church. It looks great!

Oh, and please, no thanks about the translator. I just happened to be pointed to it by someone and I passed on the favor. *smile*

Stephanie M said...

Cool I was looking for something like this! I am so ignorant when it comes to adding things to my site. Could you possibly help me figure out how to add it to my site? I couldn't find that information from the flavicon site. Or at least none I could understand.