Thursday, June 30, 2005


Well, the party was a success, I think. :-) There was a strange part when there were hungry people and loads of food, but the barbecueing (sp?) just stopped. A bit odd. Oh well, not to worry.

This house has been a little chaotic in the past few days as Chris & Fish (plus Steve C., Dave M., Reg and me) have been putting together a CD in the hope of selling it before the end of term - probably at the C.U. meeting tonight. It sounds pretty good, and I would know - it's been playing almost all hours of the day and night all week! :o) There have been people here til gone 3am the past three nights, I think. I also got to sing a solo on it, plus a few bursts of backing singing, which was lots of fun. All the music on the CD is 'original', largely written by Fish & Chris - many are parodies, but there aren't any straight covers. :o)

Tonight's going to be something of an end of an era for me - I've been producing the song words for C.U. meetings for around 5 terms now, and tonight will be my last. I'm handing over to Dan who I'm sure will be very good at it. :o) (story of how I came to know Dan will follow shortly, when I don't have lunch burning downstairs!!)

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