Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Trouble's a foot

Well, I ended up in A&E last night getting my foot x-rayed to find out how badly I'd damaged it. Thankfully, it's just bruised/sprained.

"What did you do?", I hear you ask (well, perhaps!).
Quite simple. I tried to walk. Trouble is, I'd been sitting sort-of cross-legged in the big squishy chair in our lounge, and hadn't noticed that my left leg had gone to sleep. Thus, when I got up to get some dinner and tried to stand on it, it kind-of dragged behind me, and I ended up standing on the top of my foot instead. There was a loud 'crack', and I was on the floor attempting not to blackout. I soon felt fine, but it was still quite painful, so Steve sorted me out an icepack (frozen sweetcorn in a teatowel). After a few hours of this, I was persuaded by Michael & Marie to go and get it x-rayed though, as it was swollen and didn't look quite right, but as I said, it's not broken. Thankfully, for a Bank Holiday, A&E wasn't too busy so we (Marie & I) were only there about an hour and a half.

I have to keep it elevated and not use it too much. (Hmm, not so good for the world's worst patient!). It just hurts to walk on it generally, and it's bruised, but it should be fine soon.

God bless!


Melanie said...

Owie! Owie! Owie! Hope your foot is better soon!

Anne said...

PLEASE rest up! I didn't have a chance to when I sprained my ankle in October and it's never been right since :(

Soft tissue can take longer to heal-yuck.

At least you had some good friends about to help you while away the time :O)

Welshie said...

hey Sal,

OUCH! awww hope it's better soon. Yeah, REST!

What did you think of my second home?!

Timmy C said...

Wow, the crazy world in which we live in!, where sweetcorn can be used as an icepack! These modern crazes; they'll be eating it soon...