Monday, June 05, 2006

Best foot first, right?

Update on the foot situation:

On Friday I got a letter and phonecall from the A&E department at the Royal Berks (where I went on Monday) telling me that they'd reviewed my x-rays and that they would like to re-examine me... uh-oh... Well, it turns out, I have indeed broken the bone. I have cracked (but not split) the end of my 5th metatarsal in my left foot.

They said I don't have to have it cast, but I can if I want. They wouldn't let me have crutches without getting it cast though. So, in actual fact, it hasn't made any difference, except that I have to be even more careful, and can't wear high heels, dance or anything much at all that requires moving from place to place.

On a happier note, Saturday was Julie's wedding, which was a lot of fun and the whole event was lovely. I hope to post some photos at some point, when I've uploaded them off my camera. :o)

Other than that, business as usual.

God bless!

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Rebecca said...

Poor Sal! Welcome to the club of people who got a footballer-type injury by doing something completely non-football-related! I broke one of my right metatarsals in January by slipping down a few stone steps outside the university library in this wretched place known as Leeds.

Hope it feels normal soon!