Monday, July 16, 2007

My past month...

Well, I did pass my PGCE. So I'm now a qualified teacher. Yeep! That's a little bit scary. And before you ask, no, I don't have a job yet. If anyone knows of a school near York wanting an Infant Teacher, please let me know. ;-)

Other than that, I've spent the past month covering across significant distances across the country, largely by train. Between June 29th and July 28th, I will have travelled 2,167.9 miles (according to Google Maps).

This includes Dave & Marie's wedding (pic taken at CU Ball last year),

Chris & Rebecca's Wedding

Dave & Zoe's Wedding
(Don't have any pictures)
Tim's graduation
(Don't have any pictures)

Also, I will be helping at holiday clubs in Macclesfield and York, as well as attending Sam & Rosie's Wedding.

I have got to learn to drive!


Timmy C said...

Aieee, so many weddings!

And a BIG congrats on passing your PGCE :D

*hugs all round*

My turn now, *gulps*

hatchris said...

That many miles is fairly impressive. Our New England road trip ended up at 2552 I think, all of which Rebecca drove! Then 3600 miles each way from Heathrow to Washington Dulles, 140 mile round trips to the airport either end, makes over 10,000 miles! Yikes. Oh, plus 200 mile round trip to Greenbelt next weekend. And 100 miles round trip for Dave and Maries wedding.
And 400 miles for the whole Cornwall trip, maybe a bit more?
I lose count!