Sunday, September 09, 2007

Pastures new

Well, having finished in Scarborough and spending the summer crossing the country repeatedly. Greenbelt was FANTASTIC! I will try and blog on that soon.
Anyway, the big news is that I have a new place to live. I'm moving in the next couple of weeks to a room in a 3-bed house in York. (email for address, if you want it). I don't quite have a job yet, but I am working on finding a temping position, learning to drive and then taking it from there.

Will try to blog again soon!


hatchris said...

Greetings and congratulations!
You shouldn't even need to drive in York, surely one can walk or cycle or take a boose? :-)

Craig said...

I'm journeying down the blogs on the Wesley Blog site. Thanks SO MUCH for a very refreshing stop amid (unfortunately) a lot of dreariness! Hope teaching goes well for you.