Saturday, December 15, 2007

The sights, the sounds...

For the time being, I'm still working at the hospital (well, not right now, because it's Saturday...) and it's getting slowly more interesting as I'm shown how to do things other than filing. Still not overly brain-taxing though.

Other than work, we seem to have very effectively filled up our evenings, including 2 pub quizzes a week - one at 'the Three-Legged Mare' (aka the Wonky Donkey)... which we won last week and came second this week... and the other at 'The 'ole in t'Wall', where the third member of our team asked if he could join us a few weeks ago and we have been a team ever since!
Also, we have been going to the 4-part choir at church and performed on Wednesday at the York FC Carol Service (where John Sentamu was preaching) and that went well. Next Sunday is the St.Luke's Carol Service and on Christmas Eve, there is a Crib Service with Christingles, but I won't be there for that one, as I'm going home! (woo!).

In other news, Michael and I spent last weekend in S.London with his paternal grandparents. I also met several of his aunts, uncles, cousins, a great-aunt and several of his grandparents neighbours and other acquaintances, who were all very nice and welcoming, but there were, well, quite a lot of them!
We also went to see Mary Poppins on stage at the Prince Edward Theatre. The show was amaaaaazin! Aside from the amazing singing and truly astonishing dance routines (not a tap out of place when the chimney sweeps are dancing on the roof), the set was spectacular. A typical Cameron Macintosh, with bit of set sliding on and off sideways, up and down... and I still don't really know how they did the 'taking-stuff-out-of-a-bag-that's-clearly-too-small' scene!
I did have a stinky cold for that weekend too (my third in 3 weeks), but it seems to have gone now. Woo!

Also, finally, I have finished the website for my home church (Hatfield Road Methodist Church), and it can be found at If anyone finds anything wrong with it, please do let me know - I'm aware of several typos, but I haven't got as far as fixing them yet.

Anyway, I really ought to go, as I need to do all my Christmas shopping today! Not so good.

(And, Cakes, I haven't forgotten the pictures - I will tidy up when I get back from shopping, take pictures and post them, or at least that's the plan!)

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